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VAG PD injectors

Injector Nozzle replacement and Calibration

When enquiring about PD injector nozzle replacement, either standard or high performance or the supply of service exchange PD injectors it is important that you deal with a company that has the experience, knowledge and equipment to do the job correctly.

Our PD + % are a range of refurbished Bosch PD injectors fitted with genuine Firad Nozzles.

With a Hybrid turbo and subject to a good engine build and profesional mapping  you should  be able to achieve the following Horse Power.

PD + 50 % <  260 BHP
PD + 80 % <  300 BHP
PD + 120 % < 330 BHP
PD + 160 % < 350 BHP
Contact us to arrange the collection of your units.