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VAG 2.5lt. TDI 102 / 150 Bhp High Flow Injectors, set of 5 Injectors.

VAG 2.5lt. TDI 102 / 150 Bhp High Flow Injectors, set of 5 Injectors.
Product Brand: UDFIS
Product Code: UDRMOD
Product Condition: Refurbished
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VE Injectors for a TDI 2.5 Lt 102 / 150 Bhp (stock injectors are Bosch) This is either us supplying you a set of refurbished service exchange units or you sending your units in for refurbishment. For the service exchange option we will supply a set of Bosch refurbished units fitted with your choice of nozzles.
Please note that the Bosch nozzles we offer are only suitable for either the Moderate or Enhanced Flow rates, for a higher flowing injector you will need to select the UDFIS or Firad nozzle choice.

Technical Stuff

As these injectors are a two stage injector they need to be set up correctly, we use the Hartridge 2 stadgemaster to set the NOP 1 and the flow rates. Want to know more click this link, nozzle set-up.
The 2 Stagemaster measures flow over a range or pressures to establish a true Nozzle Opening Pressure (NOP2) value. We also are able to measure injected flow at the first stage and needle lift to confirm the actual change in nozzle flow rate.

Exchange, means we send you out a set of up-rated injectors and when you return your old unit/s (in a good condition, see Terms and Conditions) we will then refund you the surcharge of £ 30.00 per injector.
Send In, means you send your units in for a up-grade, normal turn around time is 1 -2 days, subject to stock of nozzles.
Test, is for you sending in your units to be tested and a verbal report given. If we then repair your units we do not charge the test fee.
Mapping Chart, Injector Mapping Chart for common rail injectors. This is especially helpful to any tuner who is in the process of remapping a modified vehicle. Whether there has been a bigger turbo, higher flowing injectors or a larger inter-cooler fitted, by being able to see what fuel deliverers are produced will allow for a more accurate and effective tune allowing for optimum performance.
The “Injector Mapping Chart” is totally custom so we can add or alter parameters to suit your needs. We are also able to compare delivers from stock and performance injectors so that the increases can be used to match other performance enhancing products.
Written report, this is for an in-depth report complete with pictures.
Surcharge, £ 150.00, this is what we charge you so that you return your old injectors, in a good condition, we will then refund you this amount.

Service Exchange Injectors

Service exchange units will be supplied with a 'core return note' and an addressed pre-paid return label. Your old units need to be returned to us, in a repairable condition within 30 days or sooner. Should this not be done please see 5.0 in our terms and conditions.

  1. To return old units, simply place in the box used to supply the new units with the core return note, stick the pre-paid addressed label on the outside and take to a post office.
  2. Please obtain a proof of postage receipt when returning old injectors, as the onus will be on you to prove that the old units had been posted should they be lost.
  3. When we receive your original units and they are within our terms and conditions, we will refund you the Injector Surcharge that you paid.
Service Exchange Injectors - condition of old units returned
  1. If units have been supplied as service exchange units the original replacement units will need to be returned to us, using our prepaid addressed label, in a repairable condition. This means that;
  2. Should a unit be damaged, as above, the surcharge price as indicated on your original invoice and return note will be charged to you.
  3. The old units should not have had acid, water or other aggressive chemical in them
  4. There must be no damage caused by overheating, being chiselled, smashed, bent, distorted, heavily corroded, stripped or have parts missing.

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