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United Fuel Injection Services UK is a family run business specializing in the repair and supply of diesel and petrol fuel injectors, diesel and petrol pumps, diesel and petrol injector power upgrades, vehicle tuning and remapping and the professional cleaning of DPF (diesel particulate filters) and CAT (catalytic reduction units) We are also proud to have become the U.K. distributor for FLAG Diesel Engine Components

Having been in the motor trade for 4 generations, established in Shrewsbury since 1992 we have experienced the progression of the "internal combustion engine" from the earlier indirect injection engines to the present high-pressure, electronic, common rail systems and now GDI (gasoline direct injection) petrol injection systems.

We have seen many changes, some good and some bad but overall the diesel car has become economical, fun and exciting to drive with performance that outstrips some of its petrol rivals.

You might find our How a Diesel Engine Works - in layman's terms interesting to read as it gives you a basic incite on how a diesel engine operates.

FLAG Diesel Engine Components.

Portex specialises in the field of diesel injection technology. It registered its own brand worldwide under the name FLAG, a brand that quickly became established on the independent aftermarket and one which still continues to stand for reliability, quality, service and innovation all over the world. We are now the U.K. distrubutor for FLAG specialising in Diesel Engine Components.

Diesel and Petrol Engine Diagnostics

As approved Delphi Diesel Diagnostic Centre we are experianced and trained to diagnose poor performance or the problematic running of your diesel vehicle. From reading fault codes to analizing individual component operation, we are able to trace and repair any problems you might be experiancing. 

High Pressure Diesel Common Rail and Petrol Injectors

With the introduction of electro magnetic solenoids and now the quicker operating Piezo high-pressure common rail fuel systems, we are experiencing an increase in engine problems due to the failure of these injectors. It has been found that a significant percentage of failures are caused by excessive return flow from the diesel common rail injectors, whilst the GDI petrol injectors are experianing atomisation problems resulting in hard starting, erratic idling and lack of power.

With further progress, the Piezo operated injector was developed to help with faster reactions allowing for more controllable and quicker injection cycles. Great in principal but perhaps not very reliable hence the some of the manufactures are going back to electro magnetic solenoid operated injectors.

Our Products, Services and Information

We have placed "all we know" within our Engine Problems and our FAQs that should help with any queries or technical knowledge required and will help with the diagnosis, removal and replacement of your fuel injectors.

For further information about the Products and Services we provide please go to our main Home page or view the products and parts within our online store

Testing and Reconditioning Diesel and Petrol Fuel Injectors and Pumps

Diagnosing a problem with a modern vehicle is very difficult, even with all the modern diagnostic equipment available. We therefor offer the service of testing your injectors and pump to eliminate these units. We are also able to conduct analysis on failed units to establish the cause of failure, which helps to eliminate further premature failure.

Our state of the art diesel and petrol fuel injector test benches enable us to test and calibrate traditional, two stage, unit, electro magnetic solenoid, Piezo operated, top and side feed manifold and GDI injectors,  manufactured by Bosch, Delphi, Siemens, Denso, Stanadyne, Toyota, Honda, Mitsubushi, Hitachi and many more.

Diesel and Petrol units in stock

Due to the huge range of fuel pumps and injectors, it is not practical to list all the part numbers. We do however hold a vast number of units in stock. Please do not hesitate to contact us.

United Tuning - a Viezu approved tuning and remapping specialist

United Tuning is a subsidiary of United Diesel Fuel Injection Services Ltd. based in Shrewsbury, Shropshire. We are one of Viezu's approved agents offering tuning and ECU remapping for all types of vehicles, Cars / Vans / H.G.V.s / Tractors / Motorhomes.

Diesel-Sure Test Kits

United Diesel Ltd are also European distributors for DIESEL-SURE diesel testing kits. The EN 590 DIESEL-SURE kit is designed to detect diesel fuel that fails to meet the current European Standard EN 590 diesel density specification (for temperate climates).

Further information about United Diesel UK - DIESEL-SURE

Contact us to arrange the collection of your units.